Event planning checklist

Below is a checklist of things to consider when planning an event.  It is not intended to be exhaustive.

Event Plan Item Required? Yes/No Comments
Access and inclusion    
Community awareness    
Council approvals – food business licence, traffic control permit, temporary entertainment event/market approval    
Electrical safety    
Emergency management plan    
Entertainment – amusement rides, animal management, music and movies and fireworks    
Environmental issues – waste management, reusable water bottles and noise    
Event brief – meeting and document    
Event debrief – meeting and document    
Event information tent    
Event management plan    
Event survey    
First aid    
Gas safety    
Grants and sponsorship    
Key contacts list    
Liquor licence    
Marketing and promotion    
Public liability insurance    
Redlands Coast event suppliers    
Risk management plan    
Security and incident management    
Site plan    
Temporary buildings and structures    
Temporary vehicle access to a Council park or reserve    
Traffic management    
Venue booking    

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