Amusement rides

Ensure all amusement ride operators give you copies of their Certificate of Registrable Plant to provide to Council. For more information on amusement device regulation refer to the Queensland Government website.

Animal management

Providers of animal contact activities have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for themselves, staff and event patrons. Animals can carry micro-organisms potentially harmful to humans. It is recommended that event organisers identify potential health risks and implement preventative measures such as:

  • Provide only healthy animals for public contact
  • Monitor behaviour of patrons within any animal enclosure, e.g. no eating/drinking or kissing animals
  • Ensure animal enclosures are regularly cleaned and all animal waste is disposed of properly
  • Provide hand washing facilities for patrons after contact with animals

For more information refer to Queensland Health’s website.

If your event includes domestic animals, Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) requires that all animals be under effective control or contained within an appropriate enclosure at all times.

Movies and music

Sound recordings and the composition of musical works are protected under copyright. This means you may need approval from the owners to play them in public. To find out whether you need a licence for your use of music, contact either the:

Similarly, you may need to pay a separate licence fee to screen a movie or TV show in public. For more information, contact the distributor of the film or TV program.

To show a movie at a Council venue, you will need to provide documentation confirming the movie rating is G or PG and that you have been given distributor’s permission to screen the movie or TV program in public.


Carefully consider the appropriateness of the event site for a fireworks display, considering potential environmental and social impacts. The event organiser, working with their fireworks contractor, must take all reasonable and practical measures to minimise the impact of noise from fireworks. Some sites are unsuitable for fireworks displays.

If you decide to include a fireworks display at your event, you must engage an authorised fireworks contractor to conduct the display in line with legislation and the Queensland Code of Practice – Control of Outdoor Fireworks Displays.

Please supply a copy of the following to Council:

  • fireworks display notification form (submitted by the authorised fireworks contractor to the Explosives Inspectorate, Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Energy)
  • fireworks contractor’s public liability insurance policy
  • fireworks contractor’s licence
  • firework contractor’s safety management system
  • fireworks operator’s licence (conducting the show)
  • site plan showing the exclusion zones (the fireworks contractor should provide this)

The Explosives Inspectorate and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) must be notified at least seven days before any close proximity display using the appropriate fireworks display notification form, and no longer than seven days after the display using the fireworks post display notification form.

Fireworks over and/or on water, usually from barges or boats, must be approved by Maritime Safety Queensland. An application must be lodged at least 30 days prior to the proposed event date. Provide a copy of the Aquatic Event Authority to Council at the time of application.

Local police should be contacted by the event organiser and fireworks contractor if a fireworks display may impact trafficable routes (road or river), neighbours or other facilities.

The event organiser must notify all neighbours up to 200 metres away, or for larger displays up to 800 metres away, at least four days before the display.

Event organisers are responsible for the security of the exclusion zone around the fireworks during the display.

The Queensland Government can provide more information on planning a fireworks display and safe use of fireworks in Queensland.