Council Approvals

If you are planning an event on Council land or roads, before submitting any forms please contact Council’s Community Events Team via telephone (07) 3829 8999 or email to discuss your event. We are here to help you understand Council’s requirements and assist you with promoting your event.

If you decide to provide food at events, alter traffic or host an event / market with more than 500 people on Council land or roads, you may need to apply for a food business licence, traffic control permit, temporary entertainment event approval or market approval.

Food business licence

If you have food operators serving or selling food and refreshments at your event, they may need to obtain a Temporary Food Business Licence. Generally, food businesses that involve the preparation of food do require a licence. Some exemptions apply to not-for-profit organisations, the sale of packaged foods and the sale of whole fruit and vegetables.

Food businesses can apply for a licence by completing the Temporary Food Business Licence Form and submitting it to Council at least four weeks before the event.  The Guide for the design and operation of a temporary food premises (stall) is an example of best practice set up for a temporary food stall.

Mobile food businesses (e.g. ice cream or kebab vans) must hold a Mobile Food Business Licence in Queensland. As the event organiser, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all food vendors are licensed.

Traffic control permit

If you are altering traffic you need a traffic control permit from Council to:

  • close a road
  • alter traffic conditions on a road reserve
  • temporarily close car parks
  • conduct cycle events in live traffic

Check if you need a traffic control permit by completing a short questionnaire.

You can apply for a permit by completing the Traffic Control Permit Form and submitting it to Council with a copy of your certificate of currency for public liability insurance and Traffic Management Plan and/or a Traffic Guidance Scheme, which must be prepared by an accredited traffic control provider in line with the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Find more information about Traffic Management here.

Temporary entertainment event/market approval

Council regulates temporary entertainment events and markets on Council land or roads to ensure that they are conducted safely for patrons and prevent nuisances to the surrounding environment.

If your event will have 500 or more people in attendance you can apply for approval by submitting a Temporary Entertainment Event Approval Form.   If your event is a reoccurring market please complete the Market Approval Form instead. The following documents will also need to be provided with your submission:

Additional documents may be requested depending on the type of event e.g. Traffic Management Plan, Noise Management Plan, Liquor Licence.

For more information on Planning an Event, contact Council’s Community Events Team via telephone (07) 3829 8999 or email