First aid

First aid services are critical to any event. Council requires that the minimum qualification level for first aid roles is ‘Apply First Aid’.

First aid posts should be properly staffed, equipped and clearly identified so people can easily find them. The number of first aid posts will depend on the size and scale of the event.

Below is a guide to providing first aid services. If the expected attendance at the event is 5,000 or more, you must provide first aid room facilities.

First aid ratio table

Attendees Number of first aid personnel Number of first aid posts
500 2 1
1,000 4 1
2,000 6 1
5,000 8 2

It is important to have an incident management procedure with First aid incident and near miss report forms ready to complete at the event.

If you have personnel who have current first aid qualifications they can provide first aid at your event.  Please assess your risk and always consider the number of people you are expecting at your event and whether your personnel will have other duties. It is preferable that you have the required number of first aid personnel stationed at a designated first aid tent or room so they are easily located and not tasked with other duties, taking them away from their first aid post.

Events such as triathlons or events with high risk activities should consider employing professional first aid companies at their events.

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