Social media

Two of the most common social media platforms used to promote events are Facebook and Instagram.


Creating a public Facebook event is a great strategy to:

  • drive engagement to your event or organisation Facebook page, and
  • gauge the amount of interest in your event.

How to create a public Facebook event

You can maintain interest in your event by regularly updating your Facebook event information e.g. profiling entertainers, featuring products, or sharing background stories about your event.

Once your event has been added to your Facebook page, please tag Redland City Council’s Facebook page and Redlands Coast Facebook page.

If you have received sponsorship from Redland City Council please invite Redland City Council and Redlands Coast to co-host your Facebook event, this is an option when creating a new event in Facebook.


Instagram is free photo and video sharing application where you can publish images to create interest in your event.

How to create an Instagram event post?

  • Create an Instagram account
  • On your Instagram page create an event post  including a relevant event image, key details such as event date, time and location and any other important information.
  • Tag #redlandscoast so we are notified about your event post and can promote it via our channels.
  • Add an Insta story to create more interest and share some background about your event post e.g. profile an artist, presenter or product.

Check out Redland City Council’s Instagram page

Check out Redlands Coast’s Instagram page