Event briefing – pre and post event

Before your event

An event brief document is essentially a smaller version of your event management plan that you can provide to all your event team (employees, volunteers, contractors etc) so everyone has the main details about your event and emergency arrangements. It is for those working or volunteering at the event, and is generally not for public view.

You can email the event brief document to your event team a couple of days before for their review, and then refer to it at an onsite event brief meeting prior to your event beginning. This ensures everyone has the same information, can respond to any enquiries that may come in and can effectively manage an incident if required.

After your event

After your event, a debrief meeting is crucial in finding out what worked well, tying up loose ends and ensuring any issues can be rectified in future. It is best undertaken with your event team no more than one week after your event, so it is still fresh in your minds.

You can use a draft debrief document at the meeting as an agenda and include any feedback already received from public or contractors for discussion with your team.  All the event outcomes, feedback and opportunities for improvements should then be included in an event debrief document and saved for  future events planning.