Media Release

An interesting media release is key to generating free publicity for your community event. Consider inviting a journalist to your next community event.  Refer to an example media release here.

Tips for writing a media release

  • Insert an issued date
  • Title (make sure it captures attention)
  • Begin with an engaging statement, e.g. interesting aspect /story about your community event
  • Provide a summary of your community event and what will happen, e.g. what, when, who, why, where and how
  • Include quotes from key stakeholders, e.g. celebrity entertainers or special presenters who will be at your event
  • At the end provide all the details about your community event e.g. date, location, venue, tickets prices, website, transport options, sponsors etc.
  • Notes to Editors – add event organiser’s contact details, websites, high quality community event / entertainer available images and background information

Distributing your media release

Think about your audience e.g. who and what age group you are seeking to attract to your community event and from how far away. Then email your media release to appropriate media, e.g. newspapers, magazines, radio, television. Make sure your media release is submitted prior to relevant media deadlines.

For more information about writing a media release refer to Tourism Australia’s Making a Splash – Generating Publicity for Australia, A practical guide for working with the media.